Friday, 5 December 2008

Argh..............I hate the internet! All I wanna do is put a few videos from YouTube & some Mighty Boosh episodes on my, I've downloaded around 1000 different programmes (all which I'm sure are evil) & I still can 't get one bloody thing on there!! I wanna swear sooo bad!! I'm sooo angry!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..............but my friend Gary is gonna help me out, so hopefully it will all be good!!!

Anywho....i really want my new tattoos....I've been wanting them since last summer when we went to get them in Ibiza but the tattoo man was on siesta!! I've come to the conclusion that my birthday present I will get no. 3 & then with my own moneys I will get no. 4. I know what I want as no. 3, no. 4 is under debate. I think I know what I want....but I am the most indesisive person ever!!

So.............I'm bored & full of wine....what can I add to peoples existance?? Well, I'd like to state again (not sure if i've done it before actually) how much I love the boosh. & how if anyone has a spare ticket & is wondering who to take then I am the ideal candidate!! I can make small talk with anyone & will get naked when I see the boosh.....hahaha!!! (I won't really get naked....! You will die if u see it!) But....anyone who's feeling generous, I'd give anything to see it again...need a kidney?? it's yours!!!

Ok, it's my time to moan about the state of Britain today. Well, my boss owns a taxi company who do school runs...well I had a lift home with my friend Michelle, one of my xmas decorations fell out of my bag (it was from the Norton £ shop so it was a whole £1!! It had blue bits & everything!!) so I asked Michelle the next day if she found it, but no, the fucking kids stole it!!!!!!!!!! Outrageous....they have no need for they just hung it from their moobs! Fucking kids........ that's all i have the energy to say about that!

So...............I dunno what else to say!!'s almost xmas!!!!! I'm trying to get into the spirit, but people seem to be very suspicious of a goth lookalike with glitter on! Is she happy? Is she sad? Is ahe gonna stab me? Is she gonna give me a card?? Do i smile?? So i look down & walk on??? experience says people smile back when I give them a nice xmas smile! I wanna spread the cheer! So what if I like black clothes & black eyeliner?? People always act positivley & smile back to me, & it makes me feel a bit better!! Just to set the record straight, I'm not a 'goth', i've always loved black clothes & black make-up & I have long dark I'd love to be a goth, but i fear I'm not quite dark enough! I'd love to be classed as a goth...but then i see a stary cat & wanna give it hugs & warm milk!!

I would like to end my mini-rant with a tribute to Sister Act!! A amazing film!!!!!!!!!! Not just for Whoopi & the woman from Veronica's closet, hehe!!! I love it!!! I can't but sing a-long with all their hyms.....I just love this film!!!!!! It is grossly underestimated!!!

So, my children, go make your day whole by watching Sister Act.........god will forgive all your sins (hehehhehehe)!!!!
Love u all!!!!!!
Emma xxxx

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