Friday, 5 December 2008

Argh..............I hate the internet! All I wanna do is put a few videos from YouTube & some Mighty Boosh episodes on my, I've downloaded around 1000 different programmes (all which I'm sure are evil) & I still can 't get one bloody thing on there!! I wanna swear sooo bad!! I'm sooo angry!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..............but my friend Gary is gonna help me out, so hopefully it will all be good!!!

Anywho....i really want my new tattoos....I've been wanting them since last summer when we went to get them in Ibiza but the tattoo man was on siesta!! I've come to the conclusion that my birthday present I will get no. 3 & then with my own moneys I will get no. 4. I know what I want as no. 3, no. 4 is under debate. I think I know what I want....but I am the most indesisive person ever!!

So.............I'm bored & full of wine....what can I add to peoples existance?? Well, I'd like to state again (not sure if i've done it before actually) how much I love the boosh. & how if anyone has a spare ticket & is wondering who to take then I am the ideal candidate!! I can make small talk with anyone & will get naked when I see the boosh.....hahaha!!! (I won't really get naked....! You will die if u see it!) But....anyone who's feeling generous, I'd give anything to see it again...need a kidney?? it's yours!!!

Ok, it's my time to moan about the state of Britain today. Well, my boss owns a taxi company who do school runs...well I had a lift home with my friend Michelle, one of my xmas decorations fell out of my bag (it was from the Norton £ shop so it was a whole £1!! It had blue bits & everything!!) so I asked Michelle the next day if she found it, but no, the fucking kids stole it!!!!!!!!!! Outrageous....they have no need for they just hung it from their moobs! Fucking kids........ that's all i have the energy to say about that!

So...............I dunno what else to say!!'s almost xmas!!!!! I'm trying to get into the spirit, but people seem to be very suspicious of a goth lookalike with glitter on! Is she happy? Is she sad? Is ahe gonna stab me? Is she gonna give me a card?? Do i smile?? So i look down & walk on??? experience says people smile back when I give them a nice xmas smile! I wanna spread the cheer! So what if I like black clothes & black eyeliner?? People always act positivley & smile back to me, & it makes me feel a bit better!! Just to set the record straight, I'm not a 'goth', i've always loved black clothes & black make-up & I have long dark I'd love to be a goth, but i fear I'm not quite dark enough! I'd love to be classed as a goth...but then i see a stary cat & wanna give it hugs & warm milk!!

I would like to end my mini-rant with a tribute to Sister Act!! A amazing film!!!!!!!!!! Not just for Whoopi & the woman from Veronica's closet, hehe!!! I love it!!! I can't but sing a-long with all their hyms.....I just love this film!!!!!! It is grossly underestimated!!!

So, my children, go make your day whole by watching Sister Act.........god will forgive all your sins (hehehhehehe)!!!!
Love u all!!!!!!
Emma xxxx

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Well Hello...............

Woo....I'm back, I have the shortest attention span known to man kind so I tend to wander off & start something new & ignore the old things I've started! Which is why I could never write a book, or a blog!!! Well, anyways, I'm back for now & have a few things to say, so grab a hot beverage, get comfy & here we go!!!

I was bored the other day (well most days!) & lying on my bed when I noticed Mr Paul Daniels staring down at me from the top of my wardrobe. This was a little odd, even for my liking, so I decided to have a quick scan around & see what other famous faces were staring back at me. So I found.....Johnny Depp (in various guises), Orlando Bloom (a byproduct of Mr Depp I'm afraid), Keira Knightley (another byproduct), Geoffry Rush (he was there by his own accord), Helena Bonham Carter, Stephen Fry & Omar Shariff. A random collection of celebs appearing in my bedroom.....although, it could have been randomer, I shall have to work on this!!!

So....don't really have anyone else to tell but just thought i'd throw it in here about my gorgeous pirate man at work!! Ok, so he's not really a pirate, nor is he mine, but that's the way I describe him in my head so it will do for here!! Well, anyways, he is a guy who comes into the shop at least once a week, & looks a little piratey, well, he has gorgeous long hair & wears funky bandanas to keep it back. & I once spotted him on his bike in town, & he looked good there too!! But yeah, he is lovely!!! But he once came in with a little girl, who I assume is his daughter, boo!! You never know, it could be his neice or sister or a friends daughter, but knowing my luck she is his, :(. But hey, we can all dream!! So, every time he comes in I'll try to make his fish shopping experience that little bit nicer!! I already know that he has Kribensis, which have recently bred, he likes the red dracena plants, he uses RO water, he now has an ornament shark which blows bubbles from it's mouth & he has a brine shrimp hatchery but no eggs!! Ok, maybe I am turning into a stalker, hehe!!

Ok, third paragraph, because I hate leaving things with less than 3 sections. It's an odd affliction but one I deal with! So....joke telling, hehe!! Well, thanks to advice from a friend this is the theme I should go with. Well, it just so happens that I pass the days at work when I can't sneak my Ipod on by imagining I was a famous stand up that is well loved for my witty humour. Then it all comes flooding back to me that I'm not really funny & the only reason people laugh at me is for reasons I'd rather not think about!! But, I guess I have the ability to tell bad stories about myself that may seem funny to other people, for I seem to have this ability to have the worst things ever happen to me by no fault of my own! For example, we studied Travel & Tourism during 6th form, one of our assessments was to take a phone call from a 'customer' (our tutor) & then look up a holiday & get back to them with the best deal. Nice, easy task you I was sat in the room set aside for this task, awaiting my phone call...... The phone rings so I answer it, 'Norton Travel Agents' & theres this bloody women asking for one of the tutors, so I just panic & pretend to take down a message that I don't, then our tutor calls & ask if I was making phone calls during an assessment!! So yeah, that's one of the things that tends to happen to me!! Another was while in Ibiza, I had my phone in my back pocket of my trousers, I went to go to the loo, started to pull my trousers down & hear a loud splash....of course, my phones in the loo!!!! When I get back out to table, noone is surprised, this is just another Emma thing!!! I'm having a hard time remembering more things as I try really hard to block them from my memory, my friend Hannah knows so many more but I think she would be angry if I asked her at this time of night!! So I think that may have to be a story for another time!!

So....I feel a bit shortchanged, I dunno about you, I always have millions of thoughts for this but by the time I try to remember who wants to order what fish, what I have to do at home & what I need to save money for I don't have room for much more in my head!! But, um....I can't really think of much more to say, so I'll try to write notes ready for next time so I can get it all down. hehe!! So, until next time, be nice & stay safe!!!

Lots of love, Emma. xxxx

Friday, 17 October 2008

I'm Back!!

Wooo.....two blogs in one night, look at me go!!! I should really go to bed because I'm working tomorrow & it's not looking good for the owner turning up & helping me out...but, here I am with my trusty bottle of wine writing down shit that has accumulated in my head over the weeks! we go....

Ok, my first little thought is that I can see how people can be tricked into thinking they can predict the future etc. I havn't been at the fish shop that long, but I have built myself a little gathering of loyal customers who have been in a few times & I know all about their tanks & fish etc. & I've actually seen one of these guys in town driving his car & he beeped & waved at me, I felt so loved!!! Well I was thinking to myself as I was sucking up poo with a water vaccum that the lady who works in focus hasn't been in for like a fortnight, maybe she's found a new fish shop, I was angered, even though I had no proof or anything, I'm just easily offended! Then not even an hour later who walks into the shop but the focus lady....did I make her come in with the power of my decide!! (or maybe she just had no need for fishy advice for 2 weeks & it was all a big coincidence??)
On this note...I am a very paranoid person, one of my big paranoias is that I'm being filmed 24/7 on some of Truman Show type thing...well, one of my fav customers who works in a stationary shop in town bought a pair of Kribensis from me today & then later in the day we had an answer phone message from him asking if I could call him for some advice, & he called me Emma. I havn't told him that was my name! & Mike (the owner) hasn't seen him cause he's been too busy. How did he know my name????

Right....another thing that has been playing on my mind is how old men can get away with being really rude for no reason!!! The other day I was walking to work minding my own business, it was raining a bit, so I had my hoody (it's a Bench one, a nice one not a 'I'm gonna stab you then rob Tescos hoody') on & had my head down (like people do in the rain). So...I was walking along the road when I walked past an old man with full waterproofs on & his umbrella up (luxuries I can't afford) who I smiled at, as you do, but he stopped and said (quite nastily) "Where's your're going to get soaked.." So I just smiled some more & did a little laugh, not quite sure what to say back, but as I walked on a little bit I got really angry....who the hell is this old man to tell me I need to wear a coat??? I can get wet if I want to!!! But then my bosses son drove past & gave me a all I could do was complain to him about the rude old man. Next time if I see him I might beat him with an umbrella....just to make myself feel a bit better!!

Ok, something else that is annoying me (wow....I've really started things off now!!) is my dreams!! Most of the time they are crazy, random, not really worth much thinking about while I'm awake. But, lately I've been having a lot of crazy dreams about my ex. Just to explain things a bit more clearly, I was with this guy for almost 5 years, throughout my time at uni, and it was great to start with, all good!! Then when I moved back to Bath he got very strange, I wasn't allowed out with him, we could only go where he wanted to, etc. So yeah, you think, 5 years together, it's ok to dream about him sometimes. But the dreams are never good on my part, there are two that really stand out to me, one of them has a very long & confusing story but to simplify it I break into his flat & am smoking some weed (which to my knowledge is something very alien to Phil) & he comes in with his brother & step-dad & they are trying to get me out but I won't leave. & the other dream is that I'm ringing his doorbell (in this dream he has an upperstorey flat) & he's shouting at me from the window telling me to fuck off with his new girlfriend & throwing cups of water on me. This is very stalker like to me....which is something I am proud to say I avoided since our breakup!! It's all very starnge to me! Should I be stalking him maybe????

Soo.....I may have ran out of things to say!! So, until I can thing of anything else which pisses me off or anything really random or exciting that happens to me, then, goodbye children!! Be nice!! xxxxx

First Ever Blog

Hello world....this is my first ever blog. Um...not quite sure what I'm doing here or what the hell I'm going to write, but hey....let's see what happens!!! little bit about me to get you excited, well I am 23 years old (& feeling every year) and currently stuck in a bit of a rut. I'm working in an aquatics shop, well I say working in, I basically run the shop, the owner pops in for about an hour a day when he's not busy elsewhere. So I do that 7 days a week, but still manage to have no money....well I havn't got the heart to bring up the fact that the minimum wage was raised 1st October, the shop is losing money like crazy!! This isn't really what I want to be doing with my life but since leaving the cats & dogs home (for reasons which still make me to angry to speak about) I havn't really found anything else I want to do or anywhere which will employ me!!!
Anywho....enough about me (for now)..... I wanted to start this blog to share my random thoughts & experiences, & also cause I recently made contact with a friend from a VERY long time ago & he had one that was really cool & it made me jealous!!! But at this moment in time I can't really think of anything exciting to say, so for now my children, this is goodbye!!! xx